I’m Nki (sounds like “inky”), I’m an on-location, lifestyle family photographer specializing in indoor and outdoor family sessions. I’m a Christian, wife and homeschooling mom of 3 boys, ages 7, 5, and 3.

My full name is Nkiruka. It means “the best is yet to come.” I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the U.S. with my family when I was 9 years old. One of my aunts who lived in Boston at the time played and won an immigration lottery for us, and it was a life-changing gift.

I’ve always loved taking pictures because I have *the* worst memory! Really, it’s bad. Photos help me remember moments long forgotten.

I began documenting life with my kids when I was pregnant with my third.

I needed to slow time down and capture my growing boys as much as I could. 


I capture real life as much as I can. Through the lens, the mundane can be extraordinary.

The joy on the boys’ faces as they race on the beach.

The baby’s sad expression as he struggles to catch up with his older brothers.

My husband taking a break from work to snuggle with his boys.

I want to look back on these images when they’re grown and gone and remember it all.

I grew up in Sacramento, CA and met my husband in college. Long story short, Ryan wanted to be able to work from home and see the kids more often so he started an online business, quit his day job at the State, did extensive research and *chose* Brownsville, TX as his #1 choice of where to move! He’s crazy but brilliant. I wasn’t sold on the idea and we ended up living in Houston for a year (still counts… it’s Texas). It turned out to be the worst year ever! Hurricane Harvey hit two months after we arrived, our business plummeted and it was hard to make friends (every friend we made lived too far away). We didn’t buy any furniture and miserably waited out the year on our carpet. Our faith grew in the process, so it wasn’t all bad, haha. Thankfully, moving to Brownsville has been the opposite experience.

Want to know the highlight of our Houston adventure?

The images I captured of my family while we were there. 

Funny enough, some of them are my favorites to this day.

What do you want to remember? Let’s capture that!